CAQ: Supporting Management Systems
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CAQ is a practical and multifunction solution which effectively supports your organization. This solution has been devised and designed bearing in mind its users, not only in terms of their needs but also of their comfort. Many examples of the system implementation and the constantly growing number of the system’s users prove its usefulness in everyday work.


Assisting the management system:

- Mapping, visualizing and process analysis,
- The supervision over documents and entries together with the elements of monitoring changes, opinions, and control of print-outs, as well as monitoring  the task progress and working time,
- The supervision over  non-compliances, threats and complaints, together with the control of corrective, improving and preventing measures,
- The assessment of suppliers and subcontractors,
- Recording and supervising measuring and monitoring equipment with the element of tool hire and tool management
- Risk assessment of information security management in the company.


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