Africa Expedition: South-North Marathon 2004

T Komp had the exceptional pleasure to support a fascinating Dark Continent adventure. Arek Milcarz, a Bydgoszcz traveller – one of the expedition organizers – accepted an extremely difficult challenge to travel across Africa alone.

The main goal of the journey was to cover 10 000 km in a very unique way – the south-north direction. Our globetrotter travelled through the continent within 3 months to finish in Ndjamena, the capital of Chad.

The integral part of the expedition was a research project entitled “The Africa border – the psyche limits”. One of the most exciting and dangerous episodes was the 1200 km rafting, on a crowded barge, along the Congo river.

This year, Arek Milcarz accepts another challenge. He plans to film the total solar eclipse, and to study its influence on the original people of the Tibesti mountains in the northern Chad region. We invite all world-minded people to visit the internet website Aruna.



TKomp Taekwondo Team


Taekwondo originates from Korea and is one of the most spectacular oriental martial arts. It is assumed that an average man is able to use 10-20% of his potential. The mastery in this art guarantees the highest level of the force and the speed that the human body can produce.

This Olympic discipline has its fans also in Poland.

It is possible to start this sport at any age. The Bydgoszcz Taekwondo Team activities are held under the auspices of TKomp.

We sponsored the team members’ sport clothing and the training camp in Łazy.

If you are interested in martial arts, please feel invited to visit the internet portal created with TKomp’s assistance.



Salesian Order – Bydgoszcz


We are proud that we can support a very necessary and noble initiative, which is the Salesian Association for Youth Education in Bydgoszcz. Our technical and financial background is always at their disposal to support various events (poster, leaflet, and diploma design, etc.) or to organize these holiday camps for the youngest.