ISA: Safety of your Organization


NND BHP is a system which supports the health and safety management in your organization. Thanks to this solution you will have the certainty that issues concerning trainings, job hazard analyses and potential accident reports will be under control and will not cause documentation problems. The important part of the system is the possibility to register all the necessary information to comply with Polish law requirements, e.g. potential threats or risks of accidents analysis in the workplace, health checks, industrial safety trainings, etc. Our solutions meet the requirements of 21st-century management. NND BHP aims to reduce employer costs relating to maintaining overall industrial safety documentation, regardless of the size of the company or its legal structure. This system allows to plan and monitor employees’ industry safety trainings, and to draw up periodic plans for specific departments, positions or employees. Training evaluations, training orders, and costs - now all are available on the spot. Additionally, there is the possibility of training plan representation using the Gantt chart, the personal schedule or using tabular statements.




  • Full control over industrial safety training planning,
  • Registering and control over job hazard issues,
  • Results analysis and estimations,
  • Full control over potentially accidental events
  • Full control over preventive actions.



NND Risk Assessment is the system that supports companies implementing and using the Information Security Management System that complies with the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2005 or BS 7799-2:2005. The main objective of the system (not only from the IT point of view) is to prove its reliability as regards to minimizing the risk of falsifying, losing or leaking information. The assessment of risk and process capacity of product development, and conformity with the changing environment of the organization in terms of information security present, are challenges that all organizations must face. NND Risk Assessment provides basic answers to the security of your organization. Simplicity, functionality and ergonomics are undoubtedly advantages of the offered solution.  The users of the system do not have to know the calculating methods or specialist statistics issues, etc. All calculations are made by the system simplifying the whole process of risk assessment. Additionally, it is possible to import external data from Microsoft Excel files to glossaries of the system.  Efficient and fast export of data is also possible from applications to CSV files.




  • Risk assessment,
  • Authorization of information processing,
  • Data analysis,
  • Conformity with information security policy,
  • Integration with remaining modules of the NND Integrum system.