We understand the significance of acquiring adequate sources of financing investments in the company’s development. Therefore, to meet the expectations of our customers, we have prepared a wide range of leasing offers that will facilitate the coverage of the costs connected with the installation and operation of our systems. 

We are sure that our leasing offer, combined with the constant consultancy on the improvement of management standards in your organization, will allow you to achieve success. And your success will be our success.

The leasing offer of  T Komp:
- an individually adjusted offer that meets the customer’s requirements,
- the possibility of covering the investment costs both by large and medium-sized organizations
- an offer that takes into account the initial payment, buyout, leasing installments and insurances
- the offer that enables the application of simplified procedures for acquiring the lease.


Leasing IT EFL


Nowadays, informative technologies have a great influence on achieving success in business. In order to enable Polish companies to use these cutting edge solutions, the European Leasing Fund has added to its offer the leasing of IT devices and software - for cutting edge solutions on the Polish market. Its significance is constantly growing because companies must react quickly to ongoing technological changes. The possibility of investing in this development without engaging significant amounts of your company's own funds is the biggest advantage of this form of financing. After signing the leasing agreement, the equipment and software ensure a profit which covers the cost of the leasing installments. Moreover, using IT leasing results in lower tax obligations – leasing installments and handling fees are classified as tax-deductible costs (operational leasing) which lower the tax basis.

The leases offered by the European Leasing Fund is a more flexible solution than the alternative sources of financing IT equipment purschases, i.e. bank credit. The leasing company allows you to adjust the installments to your financial situation, or to the seasonal operation of your company. Furthermore, the leasing company offers financing in PLN or foreign currencies in accordance with the currency structure of the income of the leasing client. An additional advantage is the possibility of applying financing based on the stable or variable cost of money.


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