Our mission


“The proper business management means the management of the future. The management of the future means the management of information.”


T Komp's mission is to create and to implement the highest quality computer tools supporting company information management. For over 15 years we have been trying to be a reliable business partner and to be a company that the whole Bydgoszcz community may be proud of.



Our team fully understands the issues concerning day-to-day work in system structures. Our wide experience results from the significant number of projects performed by us. Therefore, we understand better our clients’ requirements. We are entirely capable of adjusting the computer tools to their needs.

The use of the modern technologies empowers us to solve our clients problems and to meet their expectations. We design our solutions with different levels of progression for small, average and big companies.

We provide a broad range of services to adapt the software to the changes in the business environment.

T Komp tries to create a fair brand name through our initiatives for the local community.