NND 9000
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NND 9000 is a system aiming at labor cost reduction and improvement of the legislation process of your organization’s documents. NND 9000 is equipped with a function granting precise amounts of given document printouts to specific persons or defined groups. This helps to control the number of printouts and the quantity of stored paper documentation. The whole process is supervised automatically. When a new version of the document is released, the previous version is transferred to the archives. Additionally, all document changes are noted in document evidence. An automatically generated card of changes (including the possibility of comparison of all document versions) provides the ability of total control over document changes. You have the rapid access to the information that was deleted or added to the document text, and you know by whom.



  • registering documents by authorized persons,
  • the possibility of defining access rights to documents at various levels (for review, providing opinions, approval, modification),
  • automatically generated reminders sent by e-mail or placed in an information table, reminding employees of actions regarding  documents, e.g. review, providing opinions or approval reminders,
  • automatic distribution of a document based on granted authority in appropriate time and for appropriate persons,
  • the control over versions of documentation – if a new version of a document is binding, the old, outdated version is automatically moved to archives,
  • automatically generated alteration reports,
  • event journal for each document  – complete information on who became acquainted with a given document and when, etc.,
  • a user-friendly report creator which enables the independent and  versatile creation of various registers and reports connected with documents stored in the database,
  • full-text and multithread documentation search,
  • the supervision over document printouts – printing documents exclusively by authorized persons and in a determined number, the possibility of identifying a printout with a document in the system,
  • the possibility of notifying that a new document is needed or that there are proposals of changes to the existing document.



  • reducing the costs of employees’ work necessary to maintain documentation,
  • facilitating the process of creation and document legislation,
  • all documents are in due time placed in their appropriate places  and are available exclusively for authorized persons,
  • all authorized employees work with current documentation – among other things, they use up-to-date procedures, send current offers with current price lists, and through reminders of the periodic review of a document, the system reminds you of the necessity to update tender documentation, permits, guarantees, licenses, etc.,
  • all employees are automatically informed about each change in documentation,
  • all documents are in one place; no need to store local copies of documents – documents become the property of the company not of the employee,
  • order in, and quick access to documentation, shortening the time needed to reach an appropriate document to a few seconds,
  • reducing the costs of paper documentation storage (paper costs, the costs of operating office equipment, the costs of office space and the costs of the employee’s work),
  • defined document templates facilitate the edition of new documents, in particular by new employees,
  • the control over document versions, both in the electronic and paper form.
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