NND Audit
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NND Audit is an integrated solution supporting planning and conducting audits. A fully automated audit procedure simplifies job management and creates a user-friendly, comfortable work environment. The system addresses the departments and staff that are the subject of an audit process, according to the audited areas. Audit question checklists may be created upon the business operation chosen for audit procedures (processes, documents, departments or any other defined focus). Auditors may write down answers, comments, findings, conclusions, as well as add attachments. The whole audit process is electronic (answers, findings and audit conclusions). NND Audit ensures the automated generation of information and reminders within the scope of an audit. Additional files, scans, pictures or documents can be attached to every audit process as supplementary evidence. The system provides information to create all kinds of analysis and reports.



  • the possibility of effective planning and carrying out audits -   automatically created audit schedule; during audit planning the possibility of using a knowledge base created during earlier audits (objectives, area, questions, non-compliances, action effectiveness),
  • authorized access of users to the audit process within a framework of granted authority,
  • automation of audit plan creation, helping lists of selection: internal auditors, audited objectives, questions, etc.,
  • creating lists of questions on the basis of the indicated area of an audit in accordance with the process, organizational unit or another defined scope,
  • carrying out an audit, recording answers, evidence, and conclusions from the audit in electronic form,
  • the possibility of attaching evidence in the form of various files, such as scanned documents or photos,
  • automatically generated reminders to the persons concerned, of actions connected with the audit,
  • automatically generated information about the audit for the persons concerned,
  • automatically generated report on the audit,
  • the cooperation with other models of the NND Integrum such as documents or processes,
  • the possibility of notifying non-compliance or observations made during the audit to the module that supervises non-compliance and actions,
  • the user-friendly report creator which enables the independent and versatile creation of registers and reports, and the implementation analysis of audit results.



  • time-saving through quick and efficient audit planning,
  • significant improvement of the audit process and the increase of work discipline through  maintaining complete supervision over audit timeliness,
  • complete data from all audits collected in one, central database,
  • the possibility of passing on information and data concerning the audit directly to the application from any computer either on the external or internal network,
  • the objective assessment of processes, organizational units and the company as a whole,
  • IT tools providing data that constitute the basis of the management system improvement.
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