NND Claims
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The NND Claims system allows you to solve problems connected with keeping complete records of supervision over non-compliance and observations (internal and external), including claims. Records are kept electronically and fully automatically by the system. Data is collected and verified by filling out forms of claim acceptance and realization,  and forms of non-compliance or threats. The application of the system will allow you to keep complete records and supervise any internal or external non-compliance in the company. Additionally, it facilitates the flow of information concerning the future and past decisions. Persons responsible for their consideration and realization and those who are participating in the process are automatically informed about the events. As a consequence, the time of realization of repairing, correcting and improving actions is significantly decreased.



  • the  possibility of completing electronic cards of non-compliances, observations, and complaints,
  • the possibility of assigning and planning task realization paths (e.g. improving, preventing, or correcting),
  • creating workflow – granting authority and designating the persons responsible for particular stages of action realization,
  • automatically generated reminders informing employees about the realization of particular stages of actions,
  • automatically generated feedback from employees on their performance of assigned tasks,
  • automatic reminder of delays informing the persons concerned,
  • the possibility of printing reports on conducted repair and improvements,
  • the assessment of  accuracy and efficiency of  past actions,
  • duration control of the realization of particular actions,
  • quick searches for non-compliances, actions, or complaints,
  • user-friendly report creator, which enables the independent and  versatile creation of registers, statistics, and data analysis.


  • complete records of, and supervision over, all internal and external non-compliances in your company,
  • efficient information flow concerning planned and undertaken actions,
  • shortened duration of restorative and improving actions,
  • versatile data analysis.
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