NND Defect
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The NND Defect system is used for recoding and managing defects and emergencies which may occur at the workplace. This tool will help your Organization to maintain the process of production or services. It will allow you to have quick access to the information about the occurrence of a given defect and, as a result, you will able to take immediate repair actions. It will also let you plan periodic inspections, have access to the full history of repair actions and analyze the weak points of each process. Reporting a defect takes place through an interactive form in the NND Defect system. It includes all relevant information about the defect and subsequent annotations made by persons involved in the process of the defect removal. In metrics you can add attachments in various formats, e.g. photos, scanned documents or drawings needed for better documentation of an event. Moreover, in the case of each reported defect, it is possible to monitor the event journal that registers each entry in metrics with a precision down to a second.


  • Complete records and management of all defects and emergencies,
  • Increased control over production or services in a given organization,
  • Quick notification of relevant repair services,
  • Complete history of entries connected with the defect occurrence and reaction to this event,
  • Adding  attachments in various formats (photos, documents, drawings),
  • Quantitative and qualitative reporting on registered defects.