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We have created NND DOC bearing in mind each organization that wants to effectively and efficiently manage its documents. This system ensures complete control over all external and internal documentation in the company. NND DOC allows the quick and automatic registration of documents in the system. The function of virtual binders will enable you to divide documents with respect to their type and content and also assign them to a case. Thanks to compatibility with scanning devices it is possible to ensure quick document workflow. Each recorded document receives a unique information card (metrics). The ability to determine individual structures of metric fields will allow you to adjust the functioning system to the specificity of created documents and the specificity of your company’s operations. The NND DOC system has been equipped with tools enabling the definition of any path of document workflow. Applying the drag-and-drop method, you can easily and clearly define a path of information circulation for particular types of documents. This model may be created in an automatic mode and assigned to any given type of documents.


  • defining  types of received documents (the formats which register documents, circulation templates, standard authorization),
  • automatic registration of documents in the system using the scanner,
  • the drag-and-drop method which allows defining a path of information circulation for particular types of documents (workflow) in a graphic and easy way,
  • the possibility of defining so-called authorization templates which allow you to determine the standard circulation of documents,
  • finding any document within a few seconds, e.g. through  a binder tree, find and select tool, quick search, etc.,
  • archiving documents, quick and easy access to archival documents,
  • the possibility of grouping documents according to their cases, projects, groups,
  • automatic creation of registers: a register of the received and sent documents, a register of cases, and a subject file index, etc.,
  • control and supervision over time spent on approvals, reviews and opinions,
  • the possibility of cooperation with external software, e.g.  the financial and accounting system in the case of invoices or the  ERP system in the case of commissions or orders.


  • all documents are in due time in their proper place and are available only to authorized persons,
  • all employees are automatically informed about each new document that concerns them,
  • employees know how much time they have to complete their tasks and they are informed about delays,
  • a complete document history regarding its circulation and information on who kept the document and for how long,
  • all documents in one place, no need to store local copies – documents become the property of the company, not the employee,
  • order in, and quick access to documentation, shortening the time of reaching an appropriate document to a few seconds,
  • reducing the costs of storing paper documentation (paper costs, the costs of operating office equipment, the costs of office space and the costs of your employees’ work).