NND Dynamic
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NND Dynamic is an innovative method supporting any management system. Our solution helps to improve process flow in every organization. NND Dynamic allows the design of electronic forms in place of existing paper documents. For each electronic form, an individual document flow and a set of user authorization rights can be established. Additionally, specific form status may be put into the system, i.e. rank order according to validity. The arrangement of each designed electronic form may include dynamic lists of choices and supplementary elements such as added attachments, automatic data fulfillment or automatic processing of a given form. One of the main elements of NND Dynamic system is the form wizard. It enables the design and construction of any kind of form, to grant authorization rights and to define its flow process. At each stage of the form processing, it is possible to determine users who will participate in further form processing (recording, performing different actions, repeating a processing stage, etc.)



  • User-friendly and easy to operate designer of electronic templates,
  • Aligning fields by means of the drag-and-drop method,
  • A wide range of possibilities of formatting the form style,
  • Defining form tabs,
  • Aligning controls,
  • Assigning fields from the database,
  • Defining control functions,
  • Easy definition of the circulation path, the authorized persons, the way and form of their notification,
  • The possibility of the relational connection of forms,
  • The possibility of attaching data sources from external systems to forms (the cooperation with ERP, HR, FK, etc.),
  • Defining and publishing reports in the form of tables, schedules and charts.


  • The independent implementation of IT solutions into the company (any area) – cost savings,
  • Flexibility of created solutions – independent modification of  IT solutions – independence from external companies,
  • The possibility of implementing IT solutions to the areas which do not have professional IT tools,
  • A high level of solution adjustment to the real needs of the company,
  • Easy data retrieval and analysis of a given area (process) in the organization,
  • Real influence on the monitoring and management of processes in the organization.



1. NND Dynamic – Absences

Absences form is filled up by every user and foward to a manager. After approval it is fowarded to director. There is a possibility to create Gantt`s chart - to present employees absences in a transparent form.


2. NND Dynamic – Business trips

An electronic form that manage business trips including accounting mechanism. Generating form`s and records printouts enabled. Various reports enabled.


3. NND Dynamic – Hazardous Events

Elecrtonic form to gathering pieces of information about hazardous events or nonconformities and analyse them. Every event can be notified by a employee and it is fowarded to manager to take corrective actions. All records are stored in archive. Reporting enabled.


4. NND Dynamic – CRM

CRM is a group of electronic forms inluding for example Clients Register form (to gather information about every Client, contacts with Client, contact persons,  to plan meetings or phone calls with Clients). Every user has it own eletronic schedule and timetable with planned and execuded contacts. Special charts show contacts and business trips. There is a possibility to join other forms to improve functionality.


5. NND Dynamic – Trips planner

Trip planner is a  group of electronic forms including:  Cars form (to gather information about company`s cars e.g. serivices, defects), business trips form, planning form. Various registers and Gantt`s charts enabled.


6. NND Dynamic – Incoming and outcoming correspondence

Secretariat has the access to the form and can the register the correspondence (register the type of correspondence, add the scan of the correspondence) and send it to the right persons. Various report enabled.


7. NND Dynamic – Requisition

Every employee can fill the Requisition form. Every record has its own priority and is analysed by right persons who can accept or reject the requisition.


8. NND Dynamic – Projects

The main form enables to register every project and any details about it (realisation date, point people reponsible the project, budget, point meetings). Every project has stages with certain activities and persons responsible for. Responsible persons annotate what they have done. Variable records, diagrams, Gantt`s charts and schedules enabled.

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