NND Integrum



NND Integrum is a practical and multifunctional solution which will help you manage your organization effectively. This solution has been devised and designed taking into account  not only user needs but also their comfort. The many cases of the system’s implementation as well as the continually rising number of users are the evidence of its usefulness  in everyday work.

NND Integrum consists of integrated and, at the same time, independent modules which have their individual  purposes  and individual tasks to realize:

•   NND 9000 – management, supervision and circulation of documents and internal records (made in the organization)
•   NND Process – mapping business processes
•   NND Audit – internal audits management
•   NND Claims – supervision over complaints, non-compliances  and threats, taking corrective and preventive actions together with the assessment of their correctness and efficiency  
•   NND Tools Measurement – registration and supervision over  controlling and measuring tools and fixed assets
•   NND Tools Management – hiring tools and fixed assets
•   NND Suppliers – the assessment of suppliers and individual  deliveries together with versatile analytical possibilities
•   NND DOC - electronic circulation of external documents  (sent to the organization)
•   NND RiskAssessment – a module that assesses risk in the information security management  
•   NND Dynamic – electronic form creator together with form circulation
•   NND BHP – a set of electronic forms regarding the management of training, professional risk, potential accidents


The abovementioned modules constitute a coherent platform in terms of their usability: they have a similar appearance, arrangement of fields and tabs, and homogenous manner of operation. However, it is the customer who decides which modules they want to purchase and use. It is worth pointing out that there is also the possibility of a continuous extension of the platform by modules which may be developed to meet particular needs of the customer.

NND Integrum has been created with the use of cutting edge internet technologies:
•    based on a central database
•    available through the Intranet or the Internet   
•    it does not require installing additional software on the customer’s computers

Moreover, NND Integrum allows your organization:
•    to lower  labor costs indispensable for efficient company management  
•    to optimize expenditures due to the integration and independence of the modules which can be purchased in any configuration, along with  the introduction of IT to particular areas of the company management   
•    to facilitate the information exchange between employees, and thus to support team work
•    to increase security and supervision over the data, important for the efficient operation of the organization
•    to keep records of all data
•    to have proper information, lists, reports in due time for the appropriate persons in the appropriate place

NND Integrum is a continuously developing application, and a team of professionals supervises its development, which is best illustrated by the fact that at least once every quarter, a new system update is made available.