NND Process
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NND Process graphically represents processes carried out in your organization. In order to depict them in a transparent way it is possible to describe and visualize each process in various ways. NND Process allows you to present information about processes at any level of their processing. The system enables process description from general presentation at the level of main processes to the level of particular steps and actions. Binding documentation may be attached at each level and automatically updated together with its change in your organization. The use of the Internet/Intranet allows convenient process mapping via the Internet browser. Modification of a selected process is possible according to allocated rights regardless of their local properties. NND Process enables you to create multilevel maps of processes. Elements and levels of maps may be added without any limitations. Additionally, it is possible to create maps of processes simultaneously, by a spatially dispersed task team. This may take place thanks to simultaneous group work in the system.



  • authorized access to particular processes – protection against unauthorized modifications,
  • the possibility of creating many levels of processes – from the main processes, through sub-processes, up to individual actions and activities,
  • the possibility of defining information about processes such as: input and output data, process properties, participants, documents and forms, etc.,
  • the possibility of defining and presenting process indicators and measures,
  • integration with applications which are included in the NND INTEGRUM system and with other external information systems of e.g. the ERP class,
  • the possibility of exporting process maps – complete control over print view,
  • sophisticated graphic editor that allows outlining a process in accordance with earlier assumptions ,
  • easy and quick drawing of graphic charts employing a user-friendly tool.


  • shortening the time dedicated to the creation, presentation, distribution, and analysis of business processes in the organization,
  • getting around the process structure of the organization with ease, and reaching important and binding systemic information,
  • easy and quick presentation of organization processes – even the most complicated processes may be described in a transparent way, thanks to which they may be easily understood, modelled and improved,
  • assisting in group work – the possibility of the simultaneous creation of process maps through a spatially dispersed task team,
  • the possibility of remote-controlled work by many users – drawing process maps by owners/process leaders during remote-controlled collaboration with a consultant or a project leader,
  • assisting in the continuous improvement of processes which result in higher returns from the investment in the purchase and implementation of information technology.
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