NND Suppliers
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NND Suppliers is a system which enables the managing of contacts with your suppliers.  Recording complete supplier data and comparing offers submitted by other suppliers have never been so easy.  The system allows you to add attachments to orders in the form of files (price lists of goods, order forms, self-assessment surveys). Automated information concerning business contacts with suppliers has been applied in our solution and, therefore, we keep track of the orders realized by a supplier. Upon data change, the system automatically assigns realized orders to the existing supplier; therefore, there is no overlap, and there is no need to add him as a new item to the system. The system NND Suppliers can also notify the supplier of a new order through an automatically generated e-mail. Additional functionality provides access to a remote-controlled tool which allows the supplier to confirm orders.



  • conducting electronic records and managing a suppliers database,  generating orders that are automatically sent to the supplier and maintaining contacts with suppliers regarding purchases, the electronic assessment of cooperation with suppliers, and realized deliveries,
  • the possibility of conducting multilevel and multithread assessment (quantitative, qualitative, comparative, in terms of the range of products),
  • automatically created ratings (a self-updating list of qualified suppliers),
  • a quick search for suppliers in terms of the range of products,   orders and conducted assessments,
  • mechanisms of automatic updates on contacting data with suppliers,
  • the possibility of transparently tracing the history of orders sent to suppliers,
  • the possibility of the cooperation (exchanging data) with other IT tools of ERP, MRP class, etc., used in the company.



  • accurate decisions concerning the choice of suppliers based on  automatically updating lists of qualified suppliers,
  • a central database – all information concerning the suppliers gathered in one place,
  • product quality improvement due to a proper selection of suppliers, ensuring collaboration only with the best suppliers,
  • limiting the time spent on contacting the supplier – automation of contacts, eliminating mistakes,
  • facilitating the supplier assessment process, the transparency and objectivity of supplier choice.
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