NND Tools Management
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System NND Tools Management gives the best solution to the problems which arise regarding company assets administration under globalization and conglomerate mergers. First of all, a company means: people. But there is also no doubt that the company operations depend on assets. It becomes very difficult to supervise the company inventory in case of multiple locations of business units, with hundreds of kilometers’ distance between. Additionally, fixed assets may be assigned to many users, which makes the problem more complicated, especially when they change locations during the year. This may cause fraud and extra costs for employers. Through the advanced authorizing, system NND Tools Management allows the creation of customized employee groups with predetermined card files authorization rights. As a supplement to this function, assets can be divided into ranges regarding kinds of usage, location, type, supervision character, etc.



  • The central data base is accessible from multiple locations,
  • The usage of tools, machinery or vehicles without proper valid certificates is not permitted,
  • Generated warnings of overdue terms of legalization, standardization, calibration or inspection,
  • No delays in sending items to an external certifying institution,
  • Quick item localization,
  • Full control over fixed assets,
  • Access of authorized personnel to the history of lending, warehouse, specific assets or the history of user activity.
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