NND Tools Measurement
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The NND Tools Measurements System provides a record of files of control and measurement tools used in your organization. With this solution it is possible to take full control over the inspection process of internal tools together with a visualization of control results and more. From now on, the system has full control over all the information about the tools so that you know exactly the who, what, how, when, where and why. It also allows you to eliminate delays connected with sending tools to external institutions in order to get certification like legalization, calibration, etc. The system enables recording data concerning tool inspection and the automatic calculation of inspection results. Moreover, the people concerned are automatically informed about the necessity to perform a necessary activity (legalization, calibration, check-up, inspection, etc.). As a result, tools without current certificates of legalization, check-up or inspection are not disabled.



  • Each tool has its own electronic tool file (the possibility of writing many data),
  • The possibility of defining many glossaries determining characteristic data, such as: type, producer, acceptance and use  status, permanent mistakes, working conditions, etc.,
  • The possibility of determining employees groups that have access to particular files,
  • The possibility of dividing tools into groups with respect to the use, locations, types, forms of supervision, etc.,
  • The possibility of recording all defects and repairs of a given tool,
  • The possibility of recording many forms of external supervision, such as: legalization, calibration, reviews, etc.,
  • The automatic notification of persons concerned of the necessity to perform the next supervising activity (legalization,  calibration, review, inspection, etc.),
  • The possibility of adding attachments to tool files, such as: operating manuals, system documents, photos, scanned certificates of legalizations, calibrations, etc.,
  • The possibility of recording data concerning tool check-ups, and the automatic calculation of its results,
  • Presenting in the form of diagrams, trends of particular characteristics of a tool,
  • The possibility of cooperation with external devices, such as barcode readers, which speeds up tool identification.


  • The central database of controlling and measuring tools, and, as a result, all tool files in one place in the company, eliminating the need for local tool databases,
  • Information about tools becomes the property of the company, not of employees,
  • Shortened time of reaching a relevant file,
  • No admittance to tools that do not have a current certificate of legalization, calibration, check-up, or inspection,
  • Eliminating delays connected with sending tools to external  institutions for their certification,
  • Reducing or even eliminating paper documents in company archives (all files, protocols and certificates are in the electronic form, and as a result are easily accessible),
  • Full control over the process of internal tool assessment, together with a visualization of the result.
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