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[computer-aided quality assurance]

Assisting your management system:

• Mapping, visualizing and process analysis,
• Supervision over documents and entries together with elements of alteration monitoring, feedback, and control of print-outs, monitoring task progress and working times,
• Supervision over non-compliances, threats, and complaints, together with the control over corrective, improving and preventive measures,
• Assessment of suppliers and subcontractors,
• Recording and supervising all measuring and monitoring equipment with the element of tool hire and tool economy management,
• Risk assessment of your company's information security management.



[document management system]


Electronic circulation of documentation:

• Managing external documentation (sent and received documents),
• Managing the circulation of invoices with the possibility of automatic  referencing in external ERP systems,
• Supervision over internal documentation (e.g. systemic documentation in the Integrated Management System) with elements of legislation, monitoring changes and printout control as regards the ISO, IFS, BRC, DIN, BS, and NFD standards compliance, etc.
• Creating and providing opinions, ratifying agreements,
• Managing documents and technical projects,
• Managing changes resulting from legislation and legal acts.


[business process management]


Process management:

• Releasing and proper management of information flow and supervising particular departments,
• Mapping, visualizing and analyzing processes,
• Reflecting the course of processes in the electronic forms of data recording and data control,
• Creating and circulating electronic forms in correspondence with  the course of the process,
• Designing and supervising task paths - WORKFLOW,
• Controlling particular stages of actions.




[information security


Security in your company:

• Assistance to companies implementing and using the Information Security Management System in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001:2005 or BS 7799-2:2005,
• Assistance to companies implementing and using the Health and Safety System in accordance with PN-N-18001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007,
• Complete support for the organization’s employees in their everyday work connected with the health and safety system,
• Complete support for auditors, consultants and consulting firms within the scope of their tasks and duties,
• The possibility of database management concerning assets, threats, risks, possible events, accidents, misfortunes, etc.

• Planning trainings (on an annual, periodical basis) in relation to a given department, position, or employee, etc.





[dedicated software applications]


Individual solutions:

• Unlimited possibilities of creating system functionalities,
• The improvement of your organization’s operation,
• Solutions customized to your needs,
• Complete integration with external systems,
• Round the clock data availability on the server,
• Quality solutions both for large and medium-sized organizations,
• The possibility of a continuous implementation of beneficial modifications anticipating the effects of changes underway in the company,
• The realization of system tasks of varying complexity and advancement level.



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