Our Vision
T Komp is a modern, innovative, continuously developing company, delivering products of the highest quality.

Our main values at work:
-    open attitude,
-    enthusiasm – for the creation of the new technologies and for cooperation with our partners and clients,
-    challenges acceptance,
-    continuous development and improvement,
-    a sense of responsibility for the results of our work, for our achievements and for the quality – offered to our clients, owners, partners and co-workers.

“The people are the company”
– we constantly put attention to our employees’ trainings and development. Therefore, we face the challenges in the best, the fastest and the most efficient way. We increase the company's potential and value.

As an added value, we bring the business advantages to our customers and to our partners. We want our brand name to be highly-regarded and quality-associated. We aspire to be the most respected company in our stakeholders' opinion.